The AD 4.4 / 6.3 adapter cable serves as a crucial accessory for audio enthusiasts who wish to connect headphones featuring a standard 6.3 mm jack to devices equipped with a 4.4 mm Pentaconn output. This specific configuration is essential for achieving high-quality audio transmission, especially when using high-end amplifiers that offer improved sound dynamics through their 4.4 mm Pentaconn output. The adapter measures approximately 25 cm in length, ensuring that it provides flexibility without creating unnecessary bulk or tangling.

Crafted with precision, the adapter utilizes a symmetrically wired Pentaconn plug produced by NDICS on the amplifier end, which ensures a stable and secure connection. On the headphone side, it boasts a high-quality 6.3 mm jack socket capable of accommodating a wide range of headphones with compatible plugs. The choice of using the balanced high-end cable from the Solitaire P headphones further underlines the adapter's dedication to maintaining sound fidelity, offering users an exceptional audio experience marked by clarity, balance, and depth.


Type: Audio cable adapter
Input Connector: 4.4 mm Pentaconn plug
Output Connector: 6.3 mm jack socket
Cable Length: 3 meters
Inductance: 1.7 µH
Capacitance: 440 pF
Impedance: 630 mOhms


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