The CALA® CDR is a versatile streaming CD receiver known for its robust output and sophisticated design. Encased in a compact, sleek housing, this device boasts a premium-quality CD drive and high-performance power supply, delivering over 100 watts of continuous power per channel. This power capacity enables it to drive large speakers effectively.

A notable feature of the CALA® CDR is its customizable LED light strip located on the rear part of the unit's back panel, which can illuminate the base in white, blue, green, or red colors. Users can adjust the color modes and intensity of this ambient lighting according to their preferences, enhancing the user experience.

To cater to various audio setups and preferences, the CALA® CDR is equipped with an advanced digital signal processor that simplifies customization. It allows users to disable unused inputs and adjust the sensitivity of an analogue input to function as a phono MM and High output MC preamplifier. Additionally, it includes a Surround-Pass-Through Mode for seamless integration into surround sound systems.

The device also comes with a selection of sound fields designed to optimize audio quality in different environments and speaker configurations, making it suitable even for smaller speakers. To further refine the audio experience, a bass management system is implemented to adjust settings when using a subwoofer / satellite system.


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