F3001 IR Remote control

F3001 IR Remote control

by T+A

The F3001 IR Remote control serves as the primary remote control handset designed specifically for the HV-series, providing seamless control over the pre-amplifier, integrated amplifier, and all connected HV-series devices. This remote features an intuitive layout with buttons organized into distinct function blocks. Vital functions are highlighted through clear color-coding, making the remote user-friendly and easy to operate even for newcomers.

Durability and a premium feel are at the core of the F3001's design. It is constructed entirely from metal, carved out of a single block of solid aluminium. This meticulous process includes glass-bead blasting and anodization, topped off with a special lacquer finish to enhance durability and aesthetics. This robust construction results in a remote that is notably large and hefty, offering a reassuring, solid feel when held, which aligns with the high-quality design ethos of the HV-series it is meant to control.


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