F3100 IR Remote control

F3100 IR Remote control

by T+A

The F3100 IR Remote Control is specifically designed for the streamlined operation of the HV-series streaming devices, including models MP 3100 HV, SD 3100 HV, and SDV 3100 HV. While it primarily enhances the usability of these specific devices, it also maintains compatibility with the basic functions of connected preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers from the same series.

To ensure ease of use, the layout of the F3100 features function blocks with buttons logically organized and color-coded, addressing the needs for quick and intuitive navigation. This thoughtful design aids in reducing complexity and enhances user interaction with the electronics.

Reflecting the sturdy and elegant design of the HV devices, the F3100 remote is crafted from a single block of solid aluminum, offering a robust and high-quality feel. Its construction includes detailed machining followed by glass-bead blasting and anodizing to give a refined finish. A final coating with a special lacquer not only adds to its visual appeal but also protects the surface. Despite its relatively large size and heft, it provides a reassuring, substantial feel when held, embodying a perfect blend of functionality and durability.


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