Our innovative HDMI module is designed to enhance the audio and video capabilities of various devices, offering a flexible and high-performance solution. This module features two inputs, enabling the extraction of stereo signals directly from the HDMI data stream. It uniquely processes both PCM and DSD audio formats, making it an essential tool for audiophiles and those seeking superior sound quality. DSD audio, commonly used in advanced audio systems like Blu-ray or SACD players, requires HDMI for transmission, and our module effectively meets this requirement.

Additionally, the module supports video output resolutions up to 4K, allowing users to enjoy ultra-high-definition visuals. The HDMI module comes equipped with functionality to pass these video signals directly to a TV set. For TVs equipped with the Audio Return Channel (ARC) function, our device simplifies the setup by allowing the sound to be played back through the module, thereby enhancing both the audio and visual experience without the need for multiple cables or devices. This integration not only provides a streamlined user experience but also ensures that users get the most out of their digital entertainment systems.


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