The PHE-G R MM and PHE-G R MC modules are specifically tailored for seamless integration with R-series turntables. Located optimally at the tonearm output, these modules are strategically placed for phonograph pre-amplification. They replicate the compactness, sophisticated circuitry, and channel-separate layout of the standard PHE units but boast enhancements such as a stabilised mains power supply with advanced stabilization features. Encased in metal, these modules not only ensure exceptional shielding but also deliver top-notch measured performance values.

The MM module allows for flexible audio setup, featuring input sensitivity adjustable via DIP switches across five distinct levels, allowing a range from 1.0 to 10.0 mV. Moreover, it supports sixteen different input capacitance settings from below 120 up to 500 pF, catering to a variety of audio sources and preferences.

Similarly, the MC module offers even more adaptability, with input sensitivity adjustable across nine different levels, ranging from 100 µV to over 2000 µV, and input impedance adjustments available from less than 15 up to 650 Ohm. This range helps in finely tuning the module according to the specific cartridge and system requirements, ensuring optimal performance and audio fidelity.

Both these modules are an embodiment of high-quality engineering intended to enhance audio experiences by providing precise control over sensitivity and impedance within a compact, robust format.


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