The PHE MM and PHE MC modules are specifically crafted for seamless integration with the E-series integrated amplifiers and the R 1260 series. These modules stand out for their compact design yet sophisticated internal components, tailored to ensure they do not compromise on performance while fitting into smaller spaces. They boast a channel-separate construction, which means each channel is handled independently, typically resulting in clearer and more accurate audio outputs.

Both modules are encased in metal, a thoughtful design choice that not only adds to the durability of the components but also significantly enhances their performance by providing additional shielding. This shielding helps minimize electronic noise and interference that could compromise the sound quality, thus yielding excellent measured values.

The PHE MM module offers customizable input sensitivity with five selectable levels, adjustable via DIP switches, making it versatile for different setups and preferences. Additionally, it supports up to sixteen input capacitance values ranging from less than 120 pF to 500 pF, allowing users to fine-tune their audio experience according to their specific needs.

In parallel, the PHE MC module enhances the customization options further with nine adjustable input sensitivity levels and the same number of input impedance choices, ranging from less than 15 Ohm to 650 Ohm. This degree of customization ensures that the module can be tailored to match a wide array of phono cartridges, thereby optimizing performance and compatibility.

Overall, the PHE MM and PHE MC modules provide a robust solution for audiophiles looking to upgrade their audio systems with units that offer not only high-quality sound and reliability but also flexible configuration options to suit various audio setups.


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