The Solitaire P headphones are a testament to cutting-edge audio technology, marking a significant leap in the magneto-static principle. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these open headphones spare no expense, aiming solely at delivering the highest standard of musical reproduction. Each component and sub-assembly within the headphone transducer systems has been constructed with ultimate precision, adhering to exacting tolerances, and predominantly using aluminum machined from solid metal for superior durability and aesthetic.

This premium approach extends to the innovation within the diaphragms, drive magnets, and sound guides, which together harmonize to linearize the sound field and enhance the dispersion characteristics. The result is a flawless musical experience devoid of any distortion. Following the philosophy ingrained in all T+A devices, the Solitaire P headphones strive for wholly natural sound reproduction, ensuring that they add nothing extraneous to the music nor take anything away, creating an audio experience that's as close to perfection as possible.


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