SRC 1 IR Remote control

SRC 1 IR Remote control

by T+A

The SRC 1 IR Remote Control is designed specifically to enhance the user experience with units possessing streaming clients in the R- and E-series. It allows comprehensive control over all functions of the connected devices, including the streaming client. This remote is also capable of controlling amplifiers from the same series through a system bus connection, integrating all controls into one device for convenience and ease of use.

The layout of the SRC 1 is thoughtfully organized into logical function blocks, facilitating intuitive interaction and ensuring that all features are easy to access. It boasts a design that focuses on practicality, particularly in the selection of sources, which correlates directly with the Multi Source Player, making the switching and control processes seamless and straightforward.

In terms of build quality, the SRC 1 stands out with its use of premium materials. The front panel is crafted from 4mm thick metal, ensuring durability and a solid feel, while the rear housing is made from high-quality plastic for a comfortable hold. The aesthetic appeal is maintained with flat, metallic surface buttons that not only add to the visual charm but also guarantee an effortless operation.

The SRC 1 IR Remote Control is available in two finishes: black anodized and silver anodized, allowing users to choose according to their style preferences or to match with their existing audio equipment setup. This blend of functional design, high-quality materials, and user-friendly interface makes the SRC 1 a standout accessory for any audiophile with compatible R- and E-series devices.


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