Focus 30 XD represents the next generation of floor-standing speakers, distinguishing itself as a high-end model that eliminates the need for a traditional amplifier and cumbersome speaker cables. These compact, 450W speakers integrate Dynaudio's proprietary MSP woofers and precision-coated soft-dome tweeters, similar to their renowned Focus 60 XD siblings. Each speaker features a tri-amp configuration with intelligent digital amplifiers ensuring optimal frequency distribution to each driver, rendering your music with remarkable fidelity.

These speakers form a complete hi-fi system on their own. The Focus XD range offers high-resolution wireless streaming capabilities. Whether you opt for a wired or wireless digital signal, the system maintains an unaltered digital form up to the point of delivery to the speaker drivers, thus preserving the audio quality straight from the studio. The range prides itself on an uncluttered setup devoid of unnecessary components, underpinned by advanced digital processing technology capable of handling 24-bit/192kHz files effortlessly.

Uniformity across the Focus XD series is evident in their shared controls and connections. Compatibility within the range allows for various configurations and setups according to personal preference. Alongside digital coaxial inputs and outputs, these speakers feature analog inputs with adjustable sensitivity and a seven-position room placement control switch. Extended connectivity is available through the Dynaudio Connect box, which adds additional input options such as digital optical, RCA, and 3.5mm analog inputs, coupled with mini-USB, aptX Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi capabilities.

The genuine appeal of the Focus XD line lies in its capacity for firmware upgrades, a testament to ongoing enhancements based on Dynaudio's continuous engineering breakthroughs. Upgrades like the redesigned crossovers in the 2017 update improve sound output while minimizing signal processing demand, allowing for increased volume from the drivers without risking distortion. Additionally, elements from Dynaudio's LYD professional studio monitors are incorporated, offering adjustments to overall sound brightness via a rear-mounted switch.

Suitable for integration with existing audio systems, creation of multiroom arrangements, or even connections to your television, the Focus XD offers a seamless marriage of functionality and high-end wireless hi-fi performance, promising an elevated audio experience in various domestic settings.


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