Xeo 10 is a pair of wireless active hi-fi speakers designed for smaller spaces, blending immense audio capabilities into a compact bookshelf speaker format. Celebrating over four decades of Dynaudio's audio expertise, the Xeo 10 exemplifies versatility without compromising quality, regardless of its placement - be it on a shelf, desk, or stands. With this model, Dynaudio has made significant updates from the previous Xeo 2, enhancing components, tunings, and aesthetics, ensuring that these speakers are not just visually appealing but sonically superior as well.

The first noticeable upgrade from the older Xeo 2 is the speaker's design; the Xeo 10 boasts a smoother, sleeker look with the driver mounted to the baffle from behind, eliminating visible screws. It adds a touch of elegance with a solid aluminium front baffle featuring a brushed finish and is available in Black Satin or White Satin, making it versatile for various decors. Internally, the speakers house an optimized 14cm MSP woofer and a signature 28mm soft-dome tweeter—technologies Dynaudio have perfected over years, incorporated across their high-end speaker lineup. Each driver is powered by its own 65W digital amplifier, allowing precise tuning and enhancing the overall audio performance.

An updated tuning with improved limiter algorithms offers better performance at higher volumes and a higher theoretical crossover point, enhancing the balance between the tweeter and woofer frequencies. This results in improved balance between bass and treble and better off-axis listening, meaning you get the full audio experience even if not sitting directly in front of the speakers.

Moreover, the Xeo 10 retains many of the prized features of the Xeo 2, like direct inputs, touch-sensitive volume controls, and adaptive performance based on speaker positioning. It supports true high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz audio and can be further enhanced with the optional Dynaudio Connect box, adding more input options, DLNA support, and multi-room audio capabilities. The design also remains versatile with compatibility for the optional Dynaudio desk stand, dedicated wall mount, and Vesa 100 mountings, providing a plethora of placement options.

In summary, the Xeo 10 is not just a step up in aesthetic design but a leap forward in audio technology, maintaining Dynaudio's legacy of bringing concert-quality sound to compact spaces. Whether it is positioned in a cozy corner or prominently displayed, the Xeo 10 promises an unmatched audio experience tailored for modern living.


Status: Discontinued
Segment: Home
Series: Xeo
Type: Bookshelf

Audio Specifications

  • Analog Inputs (Primary): Mini-jack, 2x RCA
  • Digital Inputs (Primary): 1x Toslink
  • Wireless Inter-Speaker Connection: 24-bit / 96 kHz
  • Bluetooth: Version 4.1
  • Streaming: Bluetooth
  • Amplifier Power Woofer (W): 65
  • Amplifier Power Tweeter (W): 65
  • Box Principle: Bass reflex rear port
  • Crossover: 2-way DSP-based
  • Crossover Frequency (Hz): 5000 Hz
  • Tweeter: 28mm soft dome
  • Midrange/Woofer: 14 cm MSP

Frequency Response

  • Lower Cutoff: 40 Hz @ 85 dB +/- 3 dB
  • Upper Cutoff: 21 kHz @ 85 dB +/- 3 dB

Power Specifications

  • AC Power Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Max Stand-by Power Consumption (W): 0.5
  • Max Power Consumption (W): 100

Physical Dimensions

  • Weight (kg): 4
  • Weight (lbs): 8.8
  • Width (mm): 173
  • Height (mm): 255
  • Depth (mm): 154
  • Width (inches): 6 6/8
  • Height (inches): 10
  • Depth (inches): 6 1/8
  • Width mm incl. feet/grill: 173
  • Height mm incl. feet/grill: 255
  • Depth mm incl. feet/grill: 164
  • Width inches incl. feet/grill: 6 6/8
  • Height inches incl. feet/grill: 10
  • Depth inches incl. feet/grill: 6 4/8

Additional Features

  • Speakers per Packaged Box: 2
  • Grille Colors: Black, Grey

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