Apertura Audio Showcases Enigma mkII at Munich High End Show 2024

This May, Apertura Audio takes center stage at the Munich High End Show with the unveiling of their latest masterpiece, the Enigma mkII loudspeaker. Celebrating 40 years of acoustic innovation, Apertura Audio introduces this model as the epitome of their commitment to exceptional sound and sophisticated design.

The Enigma mkII stands out for its elegant proportions and a heavily braced, asymmetrical cabinet that enhances audio fidelity. This innovative design integrates sophisticated damping, expertly selected and matched drivers, and a unique crossover topology. Such detailed craftsmanship ensures that the Enigma mkII delivers precise dimensions, explicit rhythms, and dynamic expressions, inviting listeners to delve deeper into the nuances of musical performances.

Technical Mastery and Artistic Design

The Enigma mkII is equipped with dual 22 cm mid-woofers developed by SEAS in Norway and modified extensively at Apertura's facility to enhance motor function and mechanical damping. The highlight is its professional-grade 15x145 mm ribbon tweeter—one of the largest available—ensuring expansive sound delivery with exceptional clarity.

Its advanced crossover system is divided into two independent circuit boards for low-pass and high-pass sections, using high-end audio components from Jantzen, Denmark. The speaker also features Apertura's proprietary "DRIM" structure with triple attenuation slopes, optimizing sound across various frequencies.

The design cleverly merges a bass-reflex system with an acoustic line, incorporating a vent tube located beneath the speaker. This complex load allows for a detailed and rich bass response, complemented by the speaker's unique shape that includes two curved sides of different lengths and non-parallel front and back panels.

Join Apertura Audio in Munich

Apertura Audio invites all audiophiles and music lovers to experience the Enigma mkII first-hand at the Munich High End Show, Room F204 - A4.2. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience this outstanding speaker in a new and popular finish: American Walnut high gloss, adding to its visual appeal.

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