Cayin Celebrates 30 Years with the Launch of High-End Pearl Series at Munich High End Show 2024

This year marks a significant milestone for Cayin as they celebrate 30 years of audio excellence with the introduction of their prestigious Pearl series at the Munich High End Show. The series features advanced audio components including the Pearl 30i integrated amplifier, Pearl 30d digital-to-analog converter (DAC), and Pearl 30c CD-transport, each designed to elevate the high-fidelity listening experience to new heights.

Innovative Engineering and Audiophile Excellence

The Pearl 30c CD-Transport embodies a blend of analog feel with digital precision. It is equipped with the Philips VAU1255/31LF CD-PRO2 drive and features an advanced digital audio jitter cleaner and a clock source synchronization to minimize jitter and enhance sound quality. Its design incorporates a BNC coaxial cable for reference clock transmission, ensuring optimal signal integrity and clock quality. Additionally, the Pearl 30c offers an upsampling function and separate power supplies housed in different enclosures to isolate electrical components and preserve audio purity.

The Pearl 30d DAC stands out with its dual decoder circuits: a classic setup with Philips TDA1307 and two TDA1547 chips for a nostalgic sound signature, and a modern array using eight ESS ES9039SPRO flagship DAC chips configured in mono mode for robust audio output with high dynamics and low noise. This DAC supports high-resolution PCM and DSD decoding, capable of handling up to 768 kHz and DSD512, respectively. The power supply is meticulously engineered with separate units for different components, featuring high-performance parts and dual Type-C transformers to ensure effective power distribution.

Both devices are constructed from high-quality materials, including aviation-grade cables and connectors, ensuring durability and high fidelity sound. They also offer extensive connectivity options, including multiple digital and analog outputs and the capability to integrate external clocks to synchronize with other digital devices, enhancing the overall audio quality of the system.

Aesthetic Elegance Meets Technological Innovation

Designed for audiophiles who appreciate a mix of aesthetic elegance and advanced technological innovation, the Pearl series sets new standards in the audio industry. The products are not only a tribute to Cayin's three decades of delivering excellent audio quality but also represent the pinnacle of sound technology.

At the HIGH END show in Munich, the new additions to the Pearl series will be demonstrated alongside the Cayin Pearl 30i and paired with Zingali Client EVO 3.15 three-way horn speakers, known for their exquisitely crafted bass reflex cabinets. This setup will be showcased in Hall 4, Stand V14/W15, offering attendees a firsthand experience of Cayin's latest innovations.

The Pearl series by Cayin exemplifies the culmination of 30 years of passion and expertise in high-end audio design, promising an unmatched auditory experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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