Cyrus Audio Elevates HiFi Standards with Power-XR and Classic POWER Amplifiers

In a significant advancement for high-fidelity audio, Cyrus Audio has unveiled its latest innovations - the Power-XR and Classic POWER stereo amplifiers. These products mark a new era in the company's storied history of audio excellence, offering ground-up re-engineering while retaining the iconic Cyrus Audio aesthetic.

Innovative Design and Engineering: Cyrus Audio's latest offerings are Class A/B stereo amplifiers, boasting a lower noise floor than their predecessors. This pivotal enhancement enables the amplifiers to capture more intricate audio details. The Power-XR and Classic POWER are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing Cyrus systems, especially benefiting setups that utilize bi-amping.

Cyrus Audio Elevates HiFi Standards with Power-XR and Classic POWER Amplifiers

Technical Brilliance: The Power-XR stands out with its 2×110 watts power output into a 6 Ω load, extending its operating range from D.C. to beyond 100kHz. Its wideband capability ensures a flat frequency response and minimal phase shifts. Similarly, the Classic POWER delivers a strong performance with a frequency response extending beyond 50kHz. Both amplifiers are equipped with unbalanced and balanced inputs, a 12 V trigger input, a proprietary MC-BUS control bus, and USB ports for firmware updates. The Power-XR can be further enhanced with the optional Cyrus PSU-XR external power supply.

Pricing and Availability: Reflecting their premium positioning, the Power-XR is priced at £2995, and the Classic POWER at £2395. These amplifiers are available for pre-order, with deliveries commencing from early December.

Initial Impressions: While comprehensive user reviews are still forthcoming, the initial technical specifications and features have generated positive buzz in the HiFi community. The amplifiers are being lauded for their innovative design, enhanced noise reduction, and high-fidelity output, catering to the needs of discerning audiophiles and audio professionals.

Cyrus Audio’s latest releases are not just amplifiers; they are a testament to the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology.

Cyrus Audio Elevates HiFi Standards with Power-XR and Classic POWER Amplifiers
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