MOFI's MasterDeck's Anti-Vibration Tech Transforms Vinyl Listening

MoFi Electronics has announced the release of its latest high-end audio equipment, the MasterDeck Turntable, designed by the acclaimed Allen Perkins. This reference-grade turntable, priced at $5,995, is poised to set a new standard in vinyl reproduction.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each MasterDeck is hand-assembled in limited batches in Ann Arbor, Michigan, ensuring unparalleled quality control. The turntable features a state-of-the-art 10-inch dual-pivot carbon-fiber tonearm, allowing for precise adjustments and friction-free tracking. This advanced tonearm supports a wide range of cartridges and includes premium internal wiring from Cardas Audio for optimal sound quality.

A highlight of the MasterDeck is its three-speed selection, accommodating 33, 45, and 78 RPM records. It also includes a fine-tuning trim adjustment for precise playback speed, crucial for achieving accurate and faithful audio reproduction.

MOFI's MasterDeck's Anti-Vibration Tech Transforms Vinyl Listening

The MasterDeck's performance is further enhanced by its sensor-regulated motor. Equipped with a three-phase brushless DC drive, it offers exceptional stability and precision in rotational speed. The motor's isolated design plays a critical role in producing clear and accurate sound, free from interference.

Another key feature is the turntable's anti-vibration feet, designed by Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS). These feet provide exceptional isolation from environmental vibrations and feedback, ensuring stability and clarity in audio output.

The MasterDeck showcases a 1.75-inch thick Aluminum-Delrin hybrid platter, designed to reduce resonance and provide a stable base for vinyl playback. This design choice is crucial for maintaining the purity of the audio signal.

With its combination of innovative design, advanced engineering, and high-quality materials, the MoFi MasterDeck Turntable is set to become a coveted item among audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts seeking the ultimate listening experience.

MOFI's MasterDeck's Anti-Vibration Tech Transforms Vinyl Listening
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