SOUNDSCLEVER at High End Munich 2024: Affordable High-Fidelity Systems

High End Munich 2024 is set to feature the SOUNDSCLEVER initiative, a highlight for audiophiles looking for high-quality audio systems without the high price tag. SOUNDSCLEVER offers a unique standard and guide for visitors, showcasing complete audio systems that deliver exceptional sound performance, all for less than EUR 5,000.

Entry-Level Systems with Premium Performance

SOUNDSCLEVER presents an opportunity for visitors to experience technical and musical excellence in audio systems assembled with budget-conscious audiophiles in mind. Throughout the HIGH END exhibition, various industry professionals will present their contributions to this initiative, adhering to the price limit but without restrictions on the configuration. This flexibility allows for a wide range of system types, from strictly digital setups to high-end analog configurations, or combinations of both within one hi-fi system.

Navigating the Exhibition

Attendees can easily find SOUNDSCLEVER systems across the exhibition, guided by direction signs adorned with the SOUNDSCLEVER logo. Here are some exhibitors showcasing these systems:

  • Lindemann (Atrium 4.2, F231b): Features the Woodnote Combo network player, Lindemann Move mini speakers, and high-quality cables, totaling EUR 4358.
  • audioNEXT (Atrium 4.1, E123): Includes the eversolo DMP-A6 Streaming-DAC, eversolo AMP-F2 amplifier, and EPOS ES-7N speakers, with a system total of EUR 4921.
  • Sonoro audio (Halle 2 Stand J04): Showcases the sonoro PLATINUM turntable, Sonoro MEASTRO quantum receiver, and sonoro GRAND ORCHESTRA speakers, with a total of EUR 4996.
  • Custom Audio (Halle 2 G17): Features the Xtonebox 121ST turntable, Xtonebox Silver-6011 amplifier, and Xtonebox S-10C speakers, totaling EUR 4470.
  • ELAC (Atrium 4.1 F103): Presents the ELAC Miracord 50 turntable, ELAC DEBUT CONNEX DCB41 active speakers, and ELAC DEBUT S10 subwoofer, totaling EUR 1417.


The SOUNDSCLEVER initiative not only makes high-end audio more accessible but also educates and encourages visitors to explore how exceptional sound can be achieved within a reasonable budget. It's an ideal platform for newcomers to high fidelity and seasoned audiophiles alike to discover systems that provide a gateway to superior audio experiences without the hefty investment typically associated with high-end setups.

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