APM Tone control-signal processor

APM Tone control-signal processor

by T+A

The APM Tone Control-Signal Processor is an innovative analogue signal processing module designed to address common acoustic challenges in audio environments. This device features distinct tone control and loudness functions for each channel, enhancing the flexibility and audio quality in various setups. Additionally, it incorporates three parametric equalizers that effectively mitigate narrow-band resonances within the 20 Hz to 500 Hz range. These capabilities allow for significant improvements in sound quality, particularly in spaces with difficult acoustics.

Integrated into the design are relays that enable the user to bypass these functions entirely, offering versatility in how the audio is managed. Originally installed as a standard feature in the P 3000 HV, this module can also be optionally included in the PA 3000 HV and PA 3100 HV integrated amplifiers, allowing for broader application and utility within the product range.


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