The ACX 130 is a 2-way 13 cm coaxial kit known for its robust performance in vehicle audio setups. This kit is recognized for delivering a neutral and dynamic sound across various types of music. The strength of the ACX 130 lies in its ability to reproduce precise highs and a broadened soundstage, enhancing the overall audio experience inside the car.

At the core of the ACX 130 is a dynamic 13 cm polypropylene woofer paired with an inverted-dome mylar tweeter, both of which contribute to the clear and vibrant sound output. Adding to the longevity and reliability is the butyl suspension, known for its resilience and damping properties.

Ideal for individuals looking to boost their in-car audio system, the ACX 130 serves as an excellent starting point for those entering the world of high-quality audio. It combines affordability with performance, making it an attractive choice for car audio enthusiasts seeking a major step-up from factory-installed speakers. Whether upgrading existing components or initiating a first-time installation, the ACX 130 brings Focal's commitment to superior sound to your vehicle at an approachable price point.


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